Organization and skills

The Architecture and Engineering Firm was born in Palermo in collaboration with the architects Mulè and Anselmo and is made up of an organized structure of professionals from different  professional figures, whowork in synergy, each according to their own specific technical skills.

He has always collaborated with qualified companies thatboast teams of workers with specific technical skills in the field of construction works and with them, for years, he has been involved in offering "turnkey" construction services.

The studio's concept considers architecture as an art capable of generating emotions, in which technique and poetry walk side by sidein parallel.

At the heart of the work is the attention to detail and adesign studio attentive to detail and to the construction tradition, with in-depth research aimed at the use of materials and technological innovation in the field of environmental sustainability.

The team proceeds according to the customers' expectations,setting quality in compliance with the deadlines as the first objective.

The architectural works are created by scrupulously carrying out the technical projects, but only after carrying out the appropriate feasibility studies.

The quality of our work identifies us for the professionalism, commitment, seriousness and involvement of our partners.

What do we do

  • Architectural Projects of New Buildings (Tourism Hotel - Collective Residential - Industrial - Commercial);
  •  Landscape and urban planning Renovation projects of existing buildings; 
  • Restoration projects for the conservation of ancient buildings; 
  • Interior architecture projects Projects of technological systems 
  • Projects Photovoltaic and wind 
  • Power plants Structural calculation
  • Projects Geological;
  • Investigations Safety and security 
  • Construction supervision

How we operate

We work throughout the national territory and abroad, but for work off site and at a considerable distance, before and before the move, we ask the customer for detailed information on the properties to be designed or renovated and in particular we ask for drawings and photographs.

Tutto questo per poter predisporre un progetto preliminare/preventivo. Successivamente, e nel caso in cui il nostro progetto/preventivo incontri l'interesse del cliente, procediamo con un sopralluogo tecnico, al fine di poter redigere il progetto/preventivo definitivo ed esecutivo