Capo Plaja Village - Cefalù (PA)

The village overlooks the incomparable scenery of the Golfo delle Stelle enclosed between Capo Zafferano, Monte Euraco and the Rocca di Cefalù. The Village was born according to modern concepts of efficiency and functionality, finding a perfect relationship with the environment and with the forms that reproduce the geography of the place without altering its charm. 

Inserted perfectly into the morphological conformation of the land and immersed in the greenery of Sicilian olive trees, the village is capable of accommodating 240 guests at the same time distributed in 20 blocks of housing units, each of which consists of 2 housing units connected to each other two by two; Each individual housing unit consists of a mezzanine floor and first floor for a total area of 135 square meters. Inside the village there is a semicircular amphitheater with steps which represents a real meeting and gathering point for the entertainment of guests, with daytime and nighttime musical shows with live music, which from dusk until late at night offer pleasant hours of leisure. For shows, the total accommodation capacity is around 700 seats.

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