The CargoTecture is the future for those who want to build their own single residence, hotel, shop, exhibition space, office, bar, pub.

It goes back a lot to the style of the Great Architects Frank Lloyd Write & Le Corbusier. 

In addition to having remarkable resistance and durability characteristics and allowing transformations according to individual needs, containers give the possibility to save and therefore to face relatively low costs (especially when compared to buildings built with traditional working methods). 

Container architecture involves sustainable practices, since it involves the recycling of used containers, thus fulfilling the 3R design concept: REUSE, RECYCLE, REDUCE.

It's all about choosing the type of container of the right size.

The ISO container has a standard size of 2.44m wide, mt. 2.59 in height and from mt. 6.10 to 12.20 in length. 

Being box-shaped/modular elements, they can be assembled and arranged in different directions (side by side, in length, in elevation, even jutting out from each other)